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Szilaj quick reference guide – Check-in & Check-out

This is not intending to be a “how to rig and trim and sail the Scholtz 22” manual. Anyone who takes the Szilaj must have a valid sailing & boating license.

This quick guide will give you an overview of the specificities of our OMFB Scholtz 22 and what you are expected to check when you take the boat and when you leave the boat.

The Szilaj is moored at lot 1 (!) of the Hungarian Sailing association port (Magyar Vitorlás Szövetség)

Since the start of the renovation works the historical storage space is inaccessible, therefore sails are stored inside the boat

Please make sure sails are perfectly dry and properly stored before you leave the boat!

The engine and the gasoline tanks are in the aft hatch

Please check there is no water in the hatch. If there is remove it and check if you find again water before leaving the boat.

Please install the engine firmly, open the air valve, open the fuel valve and make sure the lever is in Neutral.

Please check there is sufficient fuel in the engine, if you cannot easily assess the level from the fuel cap, open the lid

This is not enough fuel! Please insure you have enough fuel before departing. Please insure there is enough fuel before you check-out.

Finally remember this engine has only Neutral and Headway. Sternway should be achieved by rotating the motor on its axis, however be careful, there is no pinion anymore (anyone wanting to repair this?)

The sails are old but have been recently repaired. Please rig the boat correctly. It is the first step to prevent sail damage.

The mainsail luff cord must pass through the guide first, then into the hoist.

The general rule applies, one crew-member at the halyard, another at the mast base easing in the luff cord.

Secure the clew outhaul (grey line) since this mainsail has no base cord it’s a good practice to make a hitch to avoid a big gap between the mainsail base and the boom.

The white-red line is the first reef band, as a general rule rig it, especially if wind is expected to freshen up

This jib has a forestay cord, make sure the cord base (1) and the sailtack (2) are both secured to the tack point. The job was recently repaired because that wasn’t done.

Same applies to the jib head. Both the cord head (1) and the sailhead (2) must be secured to the jib halyard (white-red-yellow)

Make sure the jib halyard is not jammed. Particularly avoid the running light as it’s already half broken (anyone wants to repair it?)

After sailing follow the same above procedure in reverse.In particular pay attention to the following elements.

Moore the boat on the fore with the carabiner – do not tie/untie the lines, just hook up the carabiner.

Moore the aft on both star and port board

Make sure both fenders are firmly tied and – important- positioned at correct height. Make sure the boat does not “touch” the pier

Hoist the rudder and fix the tiller on a side to prevent it from flapping

Remove from underdeck everything you brought and clean it.

Yeah, it’s a photo from a real situation!

Lift from the cockpit floor all lines, main sheet, traveler sheets, etc. Water must be able to flow freely on the cockpit floor.

Lay the sails down, make them dry well (if wet) and check if there is any damage. Please note down and communicate any damage. After please fold the sails carefully and store them back in the boat underdeck

The Scholtz 22 is not equipped with a topping, use the mainsail halyard to top the boom, use the mainsail sheet to counter that. Make sure both the outhaul and reefing hand are terminated with an 8 knot

If you used the boat anchor make sure the cable is properly coiled and ready to be used in case of need

Clean the boat. It’s both a good practice and a courtesy to your club mates!

Finally perform one last quick check and communicate any anomaly to

  1. Is there water that you couldn’t remove? Where does it comes from?
  2. Did you store the winch handle?
  3. Did you store lifejackets?
  4. Did you switch off all electrical systems?
  5. Did you moor astern and aft on both sides?
  6. Did you fix the tiller bar?
  7. Did you fix all fenders at right height and verified the boat is protected?
  8. Did you sheet the lift and the mainsheet to keep the boom horizontal and firm?
  9. Did you coil all the tops?
  10. Are all halyards clear and traveling correctly?
  11. Are all schakles working?
  12. Are halyards fixed to the mast via the schakles?
  13. Is the off-board motor stored correctly with closed fuel cap and airvalve?
  14. How many liters (approx) of fuel are there?
  15. Did you remove from underdeck everything you brought and cleaned it?
  16. Are stoppers all working and closed?
  17. Did you lift from the cockpit floor all ropes:main sheet, traveler sheets, etc.?
  18. Is the companion door closed?
  19. Are all sails utilized good to be used or they need repair? Which repair?
  20. Have the sails been stored well folded?
  21. Not applicable now:”Did you give back the store key and the barrier opening badge at the entrance?”
  22. Additional comments / notes?